or 13 Magic Songs

7 September 2017, 20.15 - TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht - Gaudeamus Muziekweek - order tickets
11 November 2017, 19.00 - Verkadefabriek, 's-Hertogenbosch - November Music - order tickets
9 December 2017, 20.00 - Der Aa-kerk, Groningen - order tickets
19 January 2018, 20.30 - Korzo Theater, Den Haag - order tickets
13 February 2018, 20.30 - De Link, Tilburg - order tickets
31 March 2018 - Dat Bolwerck, Zutphen - order tickets

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Lacrimosa or 13 Magic Songs

Maxim Shalygin

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Anna Korsun

Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2016


Shapeshift is a flexible performing ensemble, or band, collective and orchestra! Shapeshift is based in The Netherlands and is a composer-performer's collective. Shapeshift brings exceptional and unusual music productions performed by the best soloists of the new generation, combining quality, vast possibilities, adventure, imagination, excitement, experiment, and unprejudiced freshness with a sharp artistic vision.


Come to our shows and be surprised! First and foremost, we bring exciting and brand new music of high quality. In addition, Shapeshift retakes recent music that hasn't yet received the attention - or performance - it deserves. As it is very interesting to hear parallels, precursors and relationships between music written in different periods, Shapeshift as well combines new music with music of earlier eras.


Shapeshift works in close collaboration with composers, tailored to their methods. The composition of the group varies depending on the needs of the production. The size can range from small to very large, while still retaining the unique character and personality of Shapeshift. This all makes sure the ensemble is the perfect basis for bringing innovative ideas into practice.


Shapeshift doesn't just serve a niche, but is there for all listeners that are open for an enriching experience. We strive to create an open culture, without artificial barriers. Good communication is a key factor. We connect composers, musicians, listeners and the music itself, resulting in complete involvement and intensifying the experience and understanding of the music.

Who is Shapeshift?

Artistic Commission


Arthur van der Drift

Treasurer & Secretary

Konstantyn Napolov

Board member

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